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Insights from Mountain Times: A Glimpse Into The Design Philosophy Of Killington Resort

February 15, 2024
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My mom had left me a cardboard box filled with papers and what looked to be just a bunch of junk mail. So I left it in my car trunk for a few weeks, procrastinating in the hope that this box would just somehow vanish instead of being forced to acknowledge its own existence. But as all things, it eventually made its way back into my life and this week, I finally started to sort through the items.

I literally laughed out loud at the first one and it has kind of sent me into a spiral. Or, more aptly, a rabbit hole. The box was filled with random mementos from elementary school through college. A playbill from a sixth grade play, a letter from my Killington Mountain School U12 coaches, report cards from elementary school through college. Random pieces of my life stuffed into a boot-sized box.

But the first thing I picked up was a report card from my senior year in high school. I was privileged to have architecture and design classes offered and I took every single one. This report card was from my senior year tutorial class in which I spent an entire semester designing a cultural museum for a site in Quebec City. I had been presented with the actual site, design requirements, and building program for the Musée de la Civilisation as designed by the well known architect Moshe Safdie.

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